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Spark the question: what’s possible?

Explore awesomely immersive, purpose-built VR solutions with 3 Space Lab.

Go beyond the bounds of devices, space, and time.

A spin-off venture from the MIT Media Lab.


Changing how we work.

Communication has evolved in our modern virtualized world. This progress has come to life in software solutions supporting workplace engagement and productivity.

Yet, cross-team collaboration – creating a sense of shared experience – still presents challenges.

At 3 Space Lab, we’re developing virtual reality solutions to change how we work.

One incredible team creating immersive, purpose-built VR solutions.

Scott Greenwald, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO
David Gonzalez
VR/AR Software Engineer
Nick Clark
Software Engineer
Clarke Waskowitz
UI/UX Designer
Jon Seagull
Senior Technical Artist
Gavin McDowell
VR/AR Software Engineer
Nick Wessing
VR/AR Software Engineer
Wiley Corning
Software Architect
Kortney Wright
VR/AR Software Engineer

Improve collaboration,
inspire confidence,
gain commitment.

Collaboration, communication, and process – cornerstones of business functionality and success. But communicating ideas in digital spaces can be challenging given the constraints of today’s software.

Let’s explore tomorrow.

3 Space Lab VR solutions.

Take teams beyond the bounds of devices, space, and time, delivering ideas in ways that are engaging and memorable.

Immersive, interactive experiences allow doers and thinkers to cut friction in communication.

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